Mediasoup-client for Flutter

Ladies and Gentlemen, I published mediasoup_client_flutter in;

It works on plan-B and support Android, iOS, macOS.

Currently, I’m working on adding Unified-Plan.

Web support will be after adding Unified-Plan.
For Windows need to add Unified-Plan in flutter_webrtc package.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Super great!

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I think worth adding to GitHub page on mediasoup’s website! :slight_smile:

So great!
Hi, @Blancduman Do you plan to support mediasoup work on Unified-plan native for Android and IOS?

I already made support fo unified-plan. There is bug in flutter_webrtc 0.7.1 which crash android
So, I’m waiting till fix published

After update, unified plan would be available for android, ios, macos, windows and web.

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Hi @Blancduman I’m looking forward to the new update that can work with server edumeet


You don’t need to wait. Workflow should be the same way.

Hi @Blancduman
I have to make an example flutter client for [Edumeet] ([GitHub - thothai94/flutter-edumeet-client: A flutter client for Edumeet conference]). We are using Mediasoup for media processing and for signaling.
Using [Edumeet demo] ( as a video conference server.

  • I have an issue I have just successfully joined a meeting room. But I can not send and receive media streams (audio/video) between mobile client and server.
    Can you help me solve this issue?

Hi, @jack77
Usually, answer to that question:

  • if you using emulator and server on same pc → localhost for android is
  • check if you set annoncedIP to (read mediasoup documentation)
  • check solved issues. Maybe someone already ask that question