mediasoup-client in windows and mediasoup server in ubuntu

I have a question,how to connect the mediasoup-client in windows and mediasoup server in ubuntu, is it possible with mediasoup v3. I tried to use WebSocketPP to connect to Mediasoup server ,but failed!

Neither the mediasoup server nor the mediasoup client care in which OS they are, since they run inside of a host anyways (nodeJS or browser).

Yes, it’s possible (and necessary) to connect the server with the clients using mediasoup v3.

It looks like you are just starting, so make sure to read the documentation and to look at the examples (I’d recommend this simple one).

Also make sure, that you understand the technologies involved such as WebRTC and WebSockets.

yes this is possible. we use mediasoup server in linux. we have clients different os. you should control media server web socket port in the linux firewall