Mediasoup crashes when creating a worker - Docker

Hi, I am using mediasoup in a docker container, however, everytime I create a worker using:

const worker = await createWorker({
    logLevel: "warn",
    logTags: ["info"],
    rtcMinPort: 40000   ,
    rtcMaxPort: 50000,

. It throws Error: [pid:15957, code:2, signal:null] and exits. I dont know if this is common or if this is just me being stupid, thanks!

By the looks seems related to mediasoup/Worker.js at c2bd601d15a668e72639ce963ba37356c355c4e6 · versatica/mediasoup · GitHub and your docker setup. Enable debug logs to get more info I’d say.

Sorry for the late response, but I added the debug mode, and it did not log anything.

Okay, I re-compiled it within docker. ( This required me to give it more CPUs and ram) and it worked!