Mediasoup + FFMPEG record not working

I’m using
And create some bug in demo of ethand91)
But i run server and client of demo app and my app. Both of them is run and ok but I can not find recorded file in path I set).
@ethand91 can you help me. I’m using windows and used ‘path.join’ to create path of record file.

Here is message I received in cmd.

Please, open an issue in the corresponding github repo.

BTW: It’s not a good idea “fixing some bug” on the software you are using, and then telling that it’s not working since your ‘fixes’ may have broken something.


I know that. But it through an exeption an can’t start.

I’m fix it and. Demo is working. But new issue FFMPEG only creates files with a file size of 256Kb.
Example: 256 if file greater than 256kb it not create and i recevied new file 0Kb.
512Kb, 1024Kb.