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user C local remote
User B local remote
user A local remote

what is this topic about?

I have an issue with our current implementation of video streaming in our web application, which utilizes React for the frontend and Express.js with the mediasoup library for the backend. Our problem concerns the handling of MediaStreams between users when participating in a meeting.

Here is a detailed description of the issue:

  1. User A’s Local Stream: When User A creates a meeting, they are successfully able to obtain their local video stream.
  2. User B’s Joining: However, when User B joins the meeting, they also obtain their local video stream and video of user A in its remote stream as expected. Unfortunately, User A does not receive User B’s in its remote video stream, and thus cannot see User B.
  3. User C’s Joining: When User C joins the meeting, they can see their local video stream along with the remote video streams of both User A and User B, which is the expected behavior. However, User B can only see their own local video stream and the remote video stream of User A. User B does not receive the remote video stream of User C, and therefore cannot see User C.

You are only consuming the producers when user joins the call but not consuming the producers on the fly when they are created during runtime when user have already joined the call causing the issue.

Whenever there is new producer, pass the details of the producer to the rest of the participants in the call via socket etc and consume it then, it will solve the issue