Mediasoup scalability 8K

I am building for 8K consumers specifically and 1 producer/streamer, pls how do I go about this, what server spec should I use.

I am planning a 64gb and 16vCPU AWs server, I don’t know if this would work?

Not at all, when I was running 300-600 concurrent and 3-6K unique users daily I was using about 9 media servers at 4vCore each. My design is different from many and probably demonstrates the heaviest use case but with this in question 8K concurrent users, you’ll want hundred+ cores for media handling and a means to route it.

Servers do not require more than 1GB per core, just high speeds low latency.

The 8000 users are just consumers only @BronzedBroth

And it’s an internal tool use by the company only, so whenever they X streamer wish to talk to 8000 Y consumers we use the app and spin the servers?

So I was thinking of using 500 consumers for each router per CPU core for 16cores

U think it would work?

And pls can u elaborate on your own experience with 4vCPU more, thanks

Okay if they’re just consumers, you could probably just run FFMPEG/GSTREAMER and convert the broadcasts to HLS for viewers and if you have more broadcasts you keep the broadcasters in a real-time mode.

I run rooms that can vary in sizing from 1-24 broadcasts but 1-48 viewers all real-time so the usage can be quite exponential when say a room goes from 2 broadcasts 10 viewers to 3 broadcasts 10 viewers.

So assuming you don’t necessarily need real-time you can get away with a lot… haha

I think HLS is the way for you and you can do that with media-soup; as for the consumer count that’s just generalized you’d need to stress and see how you like it. You may not use consumer much because if you opt to transcode for the most part.