mediasoup worker memory do not released

When I was doing stress testing with mediasoup, I found that the memory usage of mediasoup-worker kept increasing when there were many consumers and the network bandwidth for consuming video reached the limit. After closing the room and all routers, the memory used by mediasoup-worker was not released. I cannot provide memory-related logs because if I start VALGRIND, the CPU usage will be very high and I cannot perform stress testing.

I would like to know why mediasoup-worker occupies so much memory and why the memory is not released after closing all routers?

I am experiencing the same issue when using a single router.

thx all.

mediasoup version 3.11.26

Doesn’t sound normal at all, I’m using a much older version currently; does going back years/months do anything?

Did your network bandwidth also reach its limit?

Same issue here. Can reproduce even for single viewer - the key point is viewer (or server itself) should have not enough bandwidth. It looks like a backpressure issue. @gonodefunc have you fixed it somehow?