Medisoup v3 server-client setup with only

Currently i am using medisaoup v2 with and want to upgrade into v3.
Can i setup v3 by only using as signal ?
I checked v3 demo, demo app is using protoo as signal and client side react.
any specific reason of using protoo instead of

You can use whatever you like, as soon as it is capable of passing data between client and server. mediasoup-demo is rather sophisticated. Look at something more simple, for example, mediasoup-sample-app in the Examples section of mediasoup documentation. It uses

I got the example with
GitHub - mkhahani/mediasoup-sample-app: Mediasoup v3 sample app
i created zoom-like desktop application by using mediasoup v2 but v2 has a limitation of scalability so i will upgrade into v3…
Thank you.