Message with consumer.rtpParameters in it does not get sent via DirectTransport Data Producer

Hi there

I’ve been playing around with DirectTransport and I’ve found that messages with consumer.rtpParameters in them do not get sent via DirectTransport DataProducer :). For example when a peer gets connected I’d send that peer’s info (stringifying it with JSON.stringify) to every other peer in the room.

info() {
    return {
      username: this.username,
      consumerOptions: {
        producerId: this.consumer.producerId,
        kind: this.consumer.kind,
        rtpParameters: this.consumer.rtpParameters,
      dataConsumerOptions: {
        dataProducerId: this.dataConsumer.dataProducerId,
        sctpStreamParameters: this.dataConsumer.sctpStreamParameters,
        label: this.dataConsumer.label,
        protocol: this.dataConsumer.protocol,

The message gets sent as long as consumer.rtpParameters are not in the message. Might it be an issue with serialization ? Thanks

DirectTransport is just for messages, no for media. Explained in the docs.