monitor 'connectionstatechange' event on transport on server side

Is there anyway I can listen to ‘connectionstatechange’ event on transport on server side?

I was able to listen on this event on client side but couldn’t find a way to do the same on server side.

I am working on re-connectivity part of the call where I need to check when a participant’s peer connection state is changed to ‘failed’ and then trigger the re-connection part of my code. I was able to do this on client side.

But now I need to show ‘connecting…’ on that disconnected participant’s video box for that I need something on server which can tell me that the connection for that specific transport of participant is lost. But couldn’t find anyway so far may be because mediasoup is ice-lite as mentioned here:

One way I can think of is via socket ‘disconnected’ event, so whenever a participant’s ‘disconnected’ event is fired on socket then I will wait for ‘7 seconds’ for ‘connected’ event on socket, as peer state is changed to ‘failed’ around 7 seconds after ‘disconnected’ state if not auto reconnected, if not received then I will emit ‘reconnecting’ event to all other participants and on that event on client side I will show ‘connecting…’ for that participant’s video box.

Any update on this one?