Need clarification on necessary ports when using k8's pods


Currently the architecture plan we have is to have one room/instance (max 5 people) be hosted in a k8’s pod and be scheduled on demand. After doing some digging, I discovered a thread that said we needed our UDP/TCP port range, which I believe only has to be 10 ports (2 per user, video + audio), as well as all RTP ports.

I would like to confirm this by asking the following…

What is the minimum number of ports that we need to keep open? Having too many ports open just isn’t feasible with our architecture. Are there any config settings or any information that I’m not aware of that could bring this down to the bare minimum? Am I missing something? Which ports exactly besides the rtc min/max do we need open?

Any and all information on this would be extremely helpful!

Software Engineer at Ameelio

Number of ports depends on port range specified during worker creation: mediasoup :: API
In your case 10 ports should be enough (one for sending and one for receiving transport multiplied by number of participants).

I would encourage you to read through all of the available documentation, it is pretty comprehensive.

UPD: Alternative to publishing many ports could be to have TURN server in front of your apps, so only one port looks to the Internet and many local ports are used within your pod or whole cluster.

Are there any other ports or settings I need to worry about besides the port range?

No ports from mediasoup side, but please, do read the docs, it is all already there