no Producer found for received Sender

Im currently upgrading to v3 from v2 but when I disabled the webcam and reenable it the server side has a bunch of warnings.

RTC::Transport::ReceiveRtcpPacket() | no Producer found for received Sender Extended Report [ssrc:1458730053]

Im signalling the server with ‘closeProducer’ and calling .close() on the client side producer, but it still appears that the server sides still gets rtcp packets from the old producer(the ssrc value in the logs matches with the original track that was closed)

Not a bug but just a “rtcp” debug (that you have enabled via logTags). It just happens because we do not really “close” the m= section in the local SDP in mediasoup-client (that would be a pain given how WebRTC 1.0 works). Anyway, the same happens in v2.

That make sense. I dont see the errors when I run the demo and that seems to also have rtcp enabled via logTags? is there some other way to hide logs?