Paid contract work for knowledgeable mediasoup dev

Looking for bright, motivated, and production-minded developer to join a team of workaholics attempting to make a splash in the WebRTC space with VR-chat powered by mediasoup. This is contract work for payment now, not payment tied to some future-based equity setup. We are open to full time employment upon further evaluation.

Could this be you?

You should be:

  • Efficient and clean inside a NodeJS project
  • Familiar with dockerized runtimes/projects
  • Familiar with WebPack web application packaging mechanics
  • Familiar with mediasoup pipe transports, and “network” pipe transports
  • Familiar with WebRTC and associated audio/video codecs
  • Familiar with AWS services such as ECS, Cloudfront, ECR, and EC2

Would be cool if you:

  • Had prior experience with production environments where the fires of Hell open if you cause preventable down time.
  • Spend more time coding than complaining
  • Can challenge an idea while not forgetting that you could be totally wrong to begin with.
  • Like to work with other people live on a call. We like to “hang out” while we work.
  • Generally think that throwing timeouts and custom events everywhere is bad practice.
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