Peer2Peer connection

I’m beginner in this fields but I installed the demo app in my VPS and it works fine but I think all the streams / data are sent from browser A to the server and then to the Browser B. Is that right ? (there is a big latency and the video is slow motion)
I wonder if there is some solution to make peer2peer connection so the data travels directly between browsers (as I read about webRTC)
Thank you and sorry if I’m totally lost…

The whole purpose of mediasoup is to provide SFU functionality: forwarding media through the server.
You can build an app that will switch between SFU and P2P modes on the fly of course, but that is outside of the scope of mediasoup as such.

There shouldn’t be a big latency and video shoudn’t be slow motion. If they are, the reason isn’t mediasoup.

Ah okay ! now it’s much clear thank you :slight_smile: