Pipe stream from one mediasoup to another on different hosts

Hi! I found this topic and it such useful for me!
But some moments is not clear.

  1. What is id in this case? Id of remote consumer, that send streams to my producer?
  2. By liwf616 guide I create all needed transports step by step. But when I try using remoteTransport.consume() from remote host, which has video stream. And call remoteTransport.produce() on different remote host, which should received this stream I see nothing. I mean consumer with consumer.getStats() logs tell me that he has byteCount, but remote producer not
    What’s wrong I do?

I was fix it!!! Just passing of listenIp: { ip } for both pipe transports.

ID in your case is just for properly referencing the transports or their producer/consumer channels. Very useful when you have many servers running and you need them to instruct each other on how to handle the connections. If Tommy had to leave the room but he’s on server 1 out of a 100, we just need to know the IDs pertaining to his request. In this case their transport ID and send a call out to the server that has that ID to close it.

Cheers, glad you found the solution.

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