PipeTransport expected to be cleaned manually?

I connect both a producer and consumer server together through pipeTransport. They connect just fine and produce/consume correctly however when I close a consumer the producer is not at all alerted, vice versa as well.

I would have thought with the pipetransport in place I could maybe detect when the transport of the producer crashes on the consumer end without signaling it. However it looks like I may need to signal this data back and forth and manually close from each remote-side?

Messed my thumb up so couldn’t/can’t do much homework on this at the moment, maybe someone knows though.

Yes, exactly

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You’re the man!

Wasn’t sure how to ask but thanks, hope this helps others with similar wonders. Thank you again.

@BronzedBroth can you help me
I have a problem with pipeTransport
I connected them correctly but I can’t hear any voice

That’s not a pipeTransport issue, sort the issue out with your application and your transports.

@moein9gh please don’t go topic by topic looking for whoever who mentions PipeTransport to ask for unrelated help. You already started your topic. Don’t do cross posting.

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@BronzedBroth thanks for your response
this is my scenario

I have two server (A,B) which running In different containers

I create worker 1 in server A
I create worker 1 in server B

create router 1 in server A
create router 1 in server B

create pipeTransportOfServerA
create pipeTransportOfServer B

exchange ip and ports to connect pipeTransports in both servers

create producerTransportOfServerA
create producerTransportOfServerB



pipetransportOfServerA.produce({id: producerOfServerB.id})
webrtcTransportServerA.consume({id: producerOfServerB.id})

pipetransportServerB.produce({id: producerOfServerA.id})
webrtcTransportServerB.consume({id: producerOfServerA.id})

its my scenario

then my transport successfully connected and I could consume In both servers both I can’t hear any voice

@ibc sure

@BronzedBroth can you see my topic