pipeTransport connected but audio does not play

Hi awesome community , I have an issue with pipe transport and its that I have an voice call app and I want to use pipeTransport for creating a voice call between two peers in different hosts
I could connect consumer and producer which are related to each peer and all events triggered correctly step by step
finally I could connect two pipeTransports in different hosts but then I can’t hear any voice while all states and logs are correct
all recvTransports, sendTransports and pipeTransports trigger connect state
also newProducer and newConsumer events triggers correctly
both recvTransports triggered completed state

what can I do?

thanks for your attention.

this is my scenario

I have two server (A,B) which running In different containers

I create worker 1 in server A
I create worker 1 in server B

create router 1 in server A
create router 1 in server B

create pipeTransportOfServerA
create pipeTransportOfServer B

exchange ip and ports to connect pipeTransports in both servers

create producerTransportOfServerA
create producerTransportOfServerB



pipetransportOfServerA.produce({id: producerOfServerB.id})
webrtcTransportServerA.consume({id: producerOfServerB.id})

pipetransportServerB.produce({id: producerOfServerA.id})
webrtcTransportServerB.consume({id: producerOfServerA.id})

its my scenario

then my transport successfully connected and I could consume In both servers both I can’t hear any voice

Quick question, does sending audio and video at the same time cause this issue, what happens if you sent audio or video only? If the pipetransport is pre-connected does this issue occur?

have explained the piping process here:

thanks for your response

I want use pipeTransport in different servers

tanks for your time

im sending audio only
I don’t want video

this problem occurred in both cases (pipetransport is pre-connected or not)

I tested both situation
in phase 1 i tested with pre connected pipeTransport and I got this problem
and in phase 2 I tested without connected pipeTransport

Well that leaves PipeTransports out of the loop if it’s not network related, can you produce and consume off the same worker just fine?

I could produce and consume successfully without pipeTransport in one server in one router

Double check your firewall settings and announcedIp for the servers. You can check the stats of the broadcast produced on Server B side (server-side).

@moein9gh you are sending 10 messages per hour in different topics. This is not acceptable.

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I really need it
sorry about that

I checked all of things which related to network

So where is the issue occurring? Can you see the stats on Server B for the producer and viewers(consumers)?

@BronzedBroth thanks
I enable all listeners in consumer and producer the only things that logged are
Pipe transport connected in both server (using srtp state)
New consumer in both server
New producer in both server