Receivers' connect listener on client

Suppose I add this listener on my client and then do nothing on this listener, will it have any consequence on my application…?? It feels wield to get a error on setting a listener for a event, it would make sense if I have to handle something really important here. So i really want to know what should i handle here…[ transport.connect(dtlsParameters) on mediasoup server is already sone during the client producerTransport connection phase. ]

Why do you want to do nothing on this listener? This is the most important event that lets you signal the connection things to server so that a connection is made. Without it transport is not going to get connected.

I went ahead and did nothing. Transport got connected. i am getting the mediaTrackStream on consumer…but right now i am not able to play it…

Ok connect event is the main event that lets you signal parameters needed for transport connection. Not sure how it got connected without this connect event, verify it please. Please utilise the connect event as mentioned in the docs, and all will happen as it is supposed to.

It’s a miracle. :grinning:

You cannot ignore the “connect” event if you want things to work. The documentation explains how to use it.