Receiving from Plain transport

Is it possible to receive from a plain transport in the mediasoup Device? I know it’s not possible to send plain audio and video due to webRTC restrictions but is receiving possible?

If not I guess the plainTransport is just for receiving video to be formatted before forwarding through a webrtc transport… am I right?

WebRTC endpoints (for instance, browsers) do not allow plain RTP, that’s all.

Legacy RTP devices (SIP phones and others) do allow it. Those can send/receive to/from mediasoup using plain transports.

That’s perfect and very quick response, thank you. I was just hoping to bypass this for a ‘most-simple’ version 0, but I guess being lazy isn’t an option this time :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help.

As I checked from mediasoup demo of broadcasting. (
GitHub - versatica/mediasoup-demo: mediasoup official demo application)
ffmpeg broadcast PlainTransport and viewer(browser, so it is webrtc) can see result.

Does it mean mediasoup server can redirect it?