Recording demo codec issue

Hi, i’m trying to test mediasoup recording demo server and app, everything looks good but i have an issue on codecs.
server and app serves successfully, but when i’m trying to start recording on app there is an error in console

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: no matching codec found
    at Object.reduceCodecs (ortc.js:702)
    at Chrome74.send (Chrome74.js:167)

and in server i have this error

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: UnsupportedError: no compatible media codecs

i try to install multimedia codecs but it does not fix my issue.

os : ubuntu 20.04
browser : chromium, chrome, firefox

All The Best…

Can you please post the link to the “mediasoup recording demo server and app” that you are testing?

Here you are

Mediasoup recording example

Thanks! That example is not the mediasoup-demo that this forum section was intended for, so you might have better luck writing directly to the author on github.

Oh ok thanks.
by the way if anyone know something about it please help me.