restartIce not implemented?

I looked at the code of mediasoup-client-aiortc and now restartIce directly throws an error

 async restartIce(iceParameters) {
    throw new errors_1.UnsupportedError('not implemented');

So am I unable to restartIce now.

I want to know why my transport connection failed. Where can I see this?

Please don’t try to “restart ICE” just because your ICE/DTLS connection failed. Check mediasoup server and client logs, check stats, etc. No magic way to help and magically fix your settings.

Sorry for my negligence, I saw the following log in mediasoup

  mediasoup:ERROR:Router canConsume() | Producer with id "ad6c08ff-8e89-40eb-b24e-a31f12ded6c5" not found +4m

My code execution order is as follows:

// client
 const transportResp = await this.socketRequest('createWebRtcTransport', {
      forceTcp: false,
      producing: true

    const {
    } =
this._transport = await device.createSendTransport({...})

const transportId =
this._transport.on('connect', async({ dtlsParameters }, callback, errback) => {
      this.socketRequest('connectWebRtcTransport', {
    this._transport.on('produce', async({ kind, rtpParameters, appData }, callback, errback) => {
      try {
        const response = await this.socketRequest('produce', {
        Logger.error('>>>>> producerId 111 ' +;
        callback({ id: });
      } catch (error) {
this._producer = await this._transport.produce({track});

// server
 const producer = await transport.produce({ kind, rtpParameters });

I’m sure there are no problems with transportId and producerId, but I don’t know why there is such an error(.. Producer with id "ad6c08ff-8e89-40eb-b24e-a31f12ded6c5" not found ..).

By the way, it’s no problem for me to start the service test locally. Now I have this problem after the server deployment.

Hard to help, sorry. Ensure you are trying to consume such a producer in the same router in which the producer was created.

Ok, i tried to check the code in this regard, thank you very much.

I just don’t know why my local test is fine.

I listen to the connectionstatechange event and return failed, is it related to the above error?

Please, don’t ask yourself why it doesn’t work in server deployment. Ask yourself why it works in local dev deployment.

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Thank you very much!!! I have a problem with my own configuration. It seems that I need to take a good look at the documentation.