RR for video has sender source 1

I have captured the RR sent by the browser to the SFU and seen that for the video consumer browser sends the RR with the sender source as 1 but for the audio consumer it contains a valid sender source as same as the ssrc of the consumer. Is this a bug?

Image ref - 1st one is for video consumer and 2nd one is for audio consumer.

No, it’s not a bug. Check the RTCP Receiver Report spec and you’ll see that this is ok.

Does this mean mediasoup doesn’t handle video consumer RR packets?

mediasoup handles all RTCP including RR.

Just a small question since the sender ssrc is 1 how does mediasoup map that RTCP RR report to consumer?

Because the field to check is not that but another present in the RR. Please check the RTP spec.

Thanks, @ibc.