RTP IN/OUT Packet Loss

Hi All,

I am working on RTP IN/OUT with mediasoup server. There are two implementations which give very different results.

In implementation 1, when I stream rtp media over mediasoup, so many packet loss occurs both during RTP IN and during RTP OUT in a way that I cannot view proper video on receiver side.
For example; 20mbps data enters mediasoup server, but only 8mbps data leaves the mediasoup in direction to receiver.

In implementation 2, when I stream rtp media directly to public ip of an endpoint and port, streaming quality is flawless.

I would like to blame my ffmpeg implementation but if I had issue in my implementation then why does my implementation 2 work properly even in >4K resolutions?

I can publish all trace logs etc…
But at first glance what would be the issue?

Thanks in advance

The Linux server in dev Hugh you are running mediasoup is probably facing UDP packet loss due to kernel limits. Search for “increase Linux UDP buffer” to solve it. Not a mediasoup limitation. This kind of setup must be done in any server running a RTP UDP stack.

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Increasing UDP buffer in mediasoup server Linux pc didn’t solve the problem for now. I need to investigate further. I will share the solution if I find it.

Thanks @ibc