RtpStreamer: pick simulcast profile to receive?

How do i select a quality which i will be receiving, using RtpStreamer? Stream works and i can receive it with ffmpeg easily, but it only gives me lowest of the simulcast streams (320x240). I checked with tcpdump and that’s really the only stream which i receive (port 10000 with about 32kbit/s opus and port 10002 with about 100kbps VP8). How do i pick a non-lowest stream to be sent by RtpStreamer instead?

Can’t see any options related to that in the API. If there is an option to send all of them on consecutive ports, would work too.

I am using mediasoup v2 (although there are no relevant options in v3 API either as far as i can see, so there must be something i’m seriously missing here).


In v2 you can get the Consumer within the RtpStreamer and do the same:

BTW upgrade to v3 if you can.

Great! It works! Thanks!