screen orientation is not supporting in FireFox when a call from mobile application to desktop

This is explained here officially:

and in many topics here as well:

Thank you works fine.

we’ve another issue: On firefox, the audio now is delayed from the video on the user who is on firefox

How much delay? The audio is behind or video is behind? The issue was there before you fixed the video orientation issue?

3 seconds? Both are behind? Was this problem even before we fixed the video orientation issue?

That may not be an issue, as they are not out of sync because both audio, video are getting delayed.

As for the delay, around 0.5-2 seconds delay is expected as this is SFU and stream has to travel through server to reach the end user. And this delay can increase if you have bad internet connection at your end or at the server end.

If you are using TCP instead of UDP then you can see significant delay if user have unstable network, so make sure you are preferring UDP.

If there is some restriction of network traffic on server then this can lead of the issue as well.