Sender side Bandwidth Estimation in v3 branch


We want to evaluate the performance of ‘Sender side Bandwidth Estimator’ from Mediasoup.

We observed that on v3 branch, /worker/src/RTC/Transport.cpp file has the bwe code under the macro ENABLE_RTC_SENDER_BANDWIDTH_ESTIMATOR but not utilizing that code.

Is the code under the macro ‘ENABLE_RTC_SENDER_BANDWIDTH_ESTIMATOR’, Mediasoup’s own implementation of Sender side Bandwidth Estimation ?

Please confirm.


You have already asked 3 questions in this forum and all them are just about sender side BWE. Let me a question:

Are you using or planning to use mediasoup? Or are you just interested in the BWE component to take it from mediasoup and copy it into another (private) project?

Thanks @ibc for the reply.

We need only ‘sender side BWE’ module alone to our project. So, we started exploring mediasoup code.

As per our understanding, there are two types of implementations for sender side BWE on mediasoup’s v3 branch. One version is from libwebrtc code and another version is the code under the macro 'ENABLE_RTC_SENDER_BANDWIDTH_ESTIMATOR ’ but not utilizing that code.

Is the above understanding correct ? Please confirm.

Please suggest which version of sender side BWE code ( out of the above two options ) we can take and evaluate further ?


Sorry, we don’t help people who take code from mediasoup to build their own private projects. This forum is not a free consultancy service.

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No problem @ibc.

Thanks for the reply.