setMinOutgoingBitrate and BWE


I’m trying to prevent BWE sudden falls to 0 (or lower than smallest simulcast layer) with setMinOutgoingBitrate

Here is what shows up regularly in our logs:

mediasoup:WARN:Channel [pid:3005] RTC::TransportCongestionControlClient::MayEmitAvailableBitrateEvent() | high BWE value decrease detected, notifying the listener [now:0, before:2885263]

However setMinOutgoingBitrate applies to Transport, and that transport contains both audio and video streams.

If I try to setMinOutgoingBitrate to 500 Kbps, the logs report an error as the minimum also apply to audio rate:

mediasoup:ERROR:Channel [pid:1961] webrtc::GoogCcNetworkController::ClampConstraints() | start bitrate smaller than min bitrate [starting_rate_:30000, min_data_rate_:500000]

Is there a workaround to set that minimum value just for the video stream?

Thank you for your help!