Some times roundTripTime is not included in the Producer stats

Some times roundTripTime is not included in the Producer stats. Why?

{ bitrate: 40880,
  byteCount: 404196,
  firCount: 0,
  fractionLost: 0,
  jitter: 26,
  kind: 'audio',
  mimeType: 'audio/opus',
  nackCount: 0,
  nackPacketCount: 0,
  packetCount: 3979,
  packetsDiscarded: 0,
  packetsLost: 3,
  packetsRepaired: 0,
  packetsRetransmitted: 0,
  pliCount: 0,
  score: 10,
  ssrc: 432639171,
  timestamp: 4153219016,
  type: 'inbound-rtp',

One more question. Is there a way to provide/calculate video frame rate in the server side?

The TypeScript definition of ProducerStat clearly says that it’s an optional value:

roundTripTime?: number;

And this is because, whether mediasoup can calculate it or not, depend on the presence of RTCP XR exchange between mediasoup and the producer endpoint. We don’t show it in the stats when its value is zero (its initial value). Are you testing in localhost? or also in server side?

BTW mediasoup 3.4.4 has been released with a minor improvement regarding this subject:

You can do it manually by listening for the “trace” event of type “packet” in the Producer and calculating how many video frames (RTP packets with same timestamp value) are received per seconds. However, you’d rather get it in client side via local producer stats.

Then the same may happen to other values, score for instance, but it does not.

It happens in both local and server.

Still happening for a few seconds right after Producing and mostly for audio.

Thanks. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Yes, we cannot do magic and cannot know in advance whether we’ll be able to calculate roundTripTime or not. The commit I referenced should be self-explanatory.