Some way to extract C++ part as a standalone library

Hello everyone,

Is there some supposed way to easily extract (decouple) the internal C++ worker code to a standalone C++ library so that it can be used with some other C++ code by simply (e.g. statically) linking to it for not going an external worker process integration route.

Are there some specific meson target (sorry, not familiar with meson) which do what I’ve described to pull by external project as library ?

BTW, thanks a lot for all the hard work on this project.


Meson target exists for a library, but:

  • is is not user-friendly by any means, it is a low-level communication API
  • only really designed to be used by Rust version of the library and not supported for standalone use

You might take advantage of that, but expect no support in case you do that and you might have to fork it and change a few things.

In case you want compiled high-performance backend language consider using Rust version right away.