Sound's cracking in bt-headphones on ios

Sound from one participant is cracking in bt-headphones with active microphone on ios when another participant is turning mic/video on.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Join a room by 2 participants (X and Y) with any devices.
  • Join the room by test participant (Z) with ios with bluetooth headphones and active microphone (ex. airpods or any other)
  • Start producing audio stream by participant X
  • Toggle the microphone few times by participant Y
  • Audio from participant X will crack when participant Y is turning mic on.

The same cracking when participant Y toggles video.
The problem occurred on my app (using mediasoup). I checked the mediasoup demo and problem was reproduced. Don’t reproduce when headphones microphone is disabled.
I didn’t notice this behaviour in jitsi meet demo.
Whats may be wrong? Codecs are the same (opus, fec)