The order of m-lines in answer doesn't match order in offer.

I am testing mediasoup client with react-native in Android, and encounter the following error at transport.produce( producerOptions ),

Failed to set remote answer sdp: The order of m-lines in answer doesn’t match order in offer. Rejecting answer.

This application is based on mediasoup-sample-app ( The server (mediasoup server) is running on Ubuntu 18.04, and is working fine with its browser client running on win10.

Here is the react-native environment in use,

  • react 16.9.0
  • react-native 0.61.2
  • react-native-webrtc 1.75.0 (ibc mentioned this version)
  • mediasoup-client 3.2.6

Appreciate any advises, Thanks !


I found this post (Send transport sdp offer / answer mismatch in react-native), and will try this fix, Thanks !


And also update react-native-webrtc to the latest version.

OK, Thanks !