`transport.produce({...})` not returning producer object

:wave: Hey all,

I’m facing an issue with the ‘transport.produce()’ function in my code, and I’d appreciate your expertise in troubleshooting. Here’s the situation: when I call

const producer = await this.transport.produce({...});
return producer

The function doesn’t return the producer object. Strangely, the ‘produce’ event, set up with transport.on("produce", async({...}) => {...}), seems to fire correctly.

I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what could be causing this discrepancy. Has anyone encountered a similar problem before? Any insights on possible factors that could cause the ‘produce()’ function to not return the producer object while still triggering the ‘produce’ event successfully?

Im running mediasoup^3.11.24 and mediasoup-client^3.6.84 in a Node v18.16.0 environment

Your input and suggestions would be immensely helpful! Thank you in advance for your support and expertise. :pray:

You are not calling the callback given in the “produce” event or you are calling it with wrong data. Check the documentation of the “produce” event.