video tearing when phone held vertically

I’m testing mediasoup using the demo at

The video being sent from my Android phone looks fine on the phone. It also looks fine on the peer devices when I hold my phone horizontally, but when I hold it vertically, the video displayed on the peer devices is “torn”, i.e., it looks like video has lost horizontal sync, i.e., it appears that each raster line of video is slightly longer than the video window width and the raster lines are wrapping down on to the line below them, moving each line slightly to the right relative to the one above it.

The phone is running Android 10 with Chrome 83.0.4103.106. The peer devices are (a) a windows 10 PC running Chrome 83.0.4103.106; and (b) a Windows 7 PC running Firefox 68.9.0esr.

Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix?

The mediasoup-demo is just a demo. Please don’t consider it a production ready app. It’s not supposed to be that.

I understand that (it was very clearly stated on the website and documentation). My concern however is that I’m trying out mediasoup and I’m not going to use it if my deployment will also have this bug. Hence my question–is this a problem I’m going to have when I try to use it, or is there a fix for it?

If you are not gonna use mediasoup just because the demo app does not cover certain HTML + CSS use cases, that’s up to you. BTW mediasoup is not about HTML and CSS, that’s what you are supposed to do within your application.

Said that, we are not paid based on number uf users using mediasoup. So don’t take me wrong, but I don’t care much if you finally use it or not.

This does not appear to be an HTML + CSS bug. Have you ever seen this problem before or tried to duplicate it?

This is a forum. It’s not just me answering questions. And I don’t know the issue you talk about, but the demo app is just a demo, not an app ready for mobile.