WEBRTC: ICE failed, add a stun server mediasoup

I got this error while I was deploying a mediasoup on a remote server WEBRTC: ICE failed, add a stun server mediasoup it works fine on my laptop, I used the private IP of the machine as announced IP and to listen ip

What can be wrong if you use the private IP of your server as announced IP?

this is how I configured

webRtcTransport: {
                ip: '',
               announcedIp: ip.address();
maxIncomeBitrate: 150000,
initialAvailableOutgoingBitrate: 10000000

further information: am using https Nginx as reverse proxy and socket.io as my signaling, in my nodejs express framework I am using https ass

Sí you are using your server private IP as announced IP and expect it to work. Please read the docs.

Check the FAQ section in the mediasoup website.

this is my configuration that I am using know
ip: '', announcedIp: '', unfortunately i got the same error;
I used this to login via ssh

nslookup www.ethiolive.net

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	www.ethiolive.net

this how i checked the server public ip address; but somehow the server is not responding with the ip address; is there any way to solve this kind of issues

Hello, guys I still couldn’t solve WebRTC: ICE failed, add a STUN server and see about:webrtc for more details this problem I tried to look for similar problems on the discourse but non of them couldn’t be a solution for me, please help me out here

Scroll up and check the response from me that you ignored. I told you to check the FAQ. Instead you said how you do DNS lookup. What else do you expect?

thanks, I had to allow access to the ports on the firewall, sorry for making silly questions

Hi, @ibc I am also getting the same error: add STUN/TURN server
Public ip :
server OS: cent os 7
opened port range : 40000-49000

@manshaaazar Please do not tag ibc asking for help, it’s not his job. Many users around here can assist and help you just be patient and open a topic if you run into issues.

Other words let ibc chill. He’ll respond if he wants. Open a new topic and ask the community.


thank you @CosmosisT