WebRTC live streaming events in NYC and SF next week

Hi everyone,

We’re hosting two events about WebRTC live streaming at the AWS Startup Loft spaces in San Francisco and New York on February 28th (SF) and March 1st (NYC).

Please join us if you’re interested in a hands-on workshop with lots of Daily-specific content, and/or just hanging out and talking in general about video, WebRTC, Mediasoup, codecs, bandwidth management, simulcast, packet loss, Safari audio bugs, YUV colorspaces, RTP packet routing, GStreamer, when we’re all going to rewrite all our code in Rust … all the usual topics.

Also, there will be free food.

AWS won’t let you in the door unless you register for the event, so here’s the registration page for the San Francisco event, and here’s the page for the New York Event.

We’d love to see you IRL.