what exactly PTS values represents in media encoding ??

I am retrieving some PTS values from an h264 encoded RTP stream in gstreamer. I want to know what exactly these PTS values represents .
can we convert these values to some understandable values in wall clock time.I want to change the values such that i have exact 5s of delay in the stream from which it was created at sender.
for now i am just adding the 5 seconds in the PTS values but the total amount of delay I am getting varies between 5.200 ms to 5.800 ms

    PTS 	        DTS
-234170700 -234170700  
-1169319317 -1169319317  
-201987957 -201987957 
-1149319317 -1149319317 
-1129305802 -1129305802 
-167535465 -167535465 
-1109305802 -1109305802 
-130864556 -130864556 
-1089305802 -1089305802 
-130864556 -130864556 
-1069305802 -1069305802  
-93432612 -93432612 
-1049292713 -1049292713  
-1029292713 -1029292713  
-52960150 -52960150 
-1009292713 -1009292713  

In GStreamer you probably don’t want to mess with PTS/DTS manually in most cases, just add some elements with buffering for instance to solve the particular use case you have.

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thanks for your reply,
I want the buffers to be delayed by precisely 5 seconds at reciver from the time it was created at sender side if I implement server side buffer or queue of 5 seconds it will not work because sending and receiving time may vary.