What is a recommended cloud provider to host mediasoup server on?

I am planning to deploy mediasoup server on some cloud service, which one is recommended and which one is good option in terms of costs?

Hi mik,

Contabo: It offers a range of cloud hosting services with flexible configurations to suit various needs. With its reliable infrastructure and competitive pricing, Contabo can be a good choice for hosting mediasoup servers. You can sign up using this link: Contabo link.

Hetzner: Known for its high-performance cloud infrastructure and cost-effective pricing, Hetzner Cloud provides robust hosting solutions suitable for running mediasoup servers. With its user-friendly interface and reliable performance, Hetzner Cloud is a popular choice among developers.
You can use this link to get $20 in cloud credits to try it: Hetzner link.


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I cannot recommend anymore as I’m in house with wavelength now, but here’s a 4vCore stat, as I run 4 cores per IP on my instance. The machine is used 50% most times across all cores so we could probably double the result. There’s about 15 servers now and the use is for the most part equally distributed. We can expect a loaded machine to achieve above 200Mbit/s. The up-to for users is I believe 300KB/s so if you increase bitrate beyond that such would reflect. Got hundreds upon hundreds of users so can’t really break down specific room usage/etc, better to generalize it.

                     rx      |     tx      |    total    |   avg. rate
     yesterday    160.55 GiB |  611.76 GiB |  772.31 GiB |   76.78 Mbit/s
         today    174.86 GiB |  657.41 GiB |  832.27 GiB |   86.03 Mbit/s
     estimated    181.80 GiB |  683.51 GiB |  865.32 GiB |

My best advice is make sure you get about 100Mbit/s per core, and speed test and check that speed world wide, a host could be many hops away from main provider like AT&T or COGENTCO.

The bandwidth monthly, I would say have about 10TB per core for egress.

This has happened to me with OVH, they’ll assume all my traffic is a DDOS attack when users join/leave sessions; they would vacuum up connections and everyone would complain to loss feed. Overall avoid a service that false alerts you and destroys quality… In short, threw OVH $500 no refunds they kept insisting they’d tune their systems…

Good luck, my previous host was black.host and I would still hit them up.