What is the best method to determine if a remote PipeTransport has disconnected indefinitely?

Working with new hosts and finding with one specifically their DDOS support is essentially to vacuum up all the connections temporarily and let them back in slowly but during this process connected pipes indefinitely disconnect and don’t recover leading to black screens.

I’m wondering what would be the best way to determine this disconnect.

Periodic ping/pong messages through sctp sent and received by DataProducer and DataConsumer.

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Appreciated, I know we’re to assume connection for the most part but stability of such can go from 100 to 0; I’ll play around with sctp thanks.

Testing this out with pipe transports (remote) different servers and port 5000 and SCTP is enabled, I do get the DataProducer ID but after connecting pipetransports there’s no evidence of this ID to be consumed.

I get the following error:
DataProducer with id “63995fe8-0876-4108-b404-4c368f51a5f6” not found.

I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong, I can see it locally no problem.