A new docker image for mediasoup-demo

Building and installing mediasoup-demo on dokcer are complexed and use lot of time. This image can direct use for test, I’ll update a new version.

docker link


  1. add nginx-model support it
  2. add compose file
  3. support k8s
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I am trying to run this solution on the server ubuntu 18.04. As a result, I cannot reach the server via the external ip. The Internet is visible from the container itself.

Did you run docker-compose.yml as follows
Run mediasoup server with Docker

  1. Step1:

  2. root@H3CDATA:/opt/CLOUD_MEDIASOUP# cd mediasoup/compose/

root@H3CDATA:/opt/CLOUD_MEDIASOUP/mediasoup/compose# cp media.env .env

  1. Step2

root@H3CDATA:/opt/CLOUD_MEDIASOUP/mediasoup/compose# docker-compose up -d

You can try this ECS 【
But this server is slow
Use Chrome !

Result :


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Thanks. The problem was in the browser (https). Tell me how you can output the stream (streams) to a separate point rtmp. That is, for example, relay a room to YouTube.