Mediasoup Demo App - Docker

Hi all,

I’m running the docker version of mediasoup-demo, I have done step by step and started the server as a container and running the app against that server. The room opens fine with camera and audio, so I get the invitation link and place on another tab, the same thing happens but “they” cannot see each other the same way it would allow them to see each other once you hit the demo online I’m using Chrome and FF but on my local FF doesn’t work at all, always complains about certificate. Chat is also unavailable for whatever reason. Can someone provide some assistance please??

Just to add a bit more context, I run the server locally as standalone app, it works perfectly. The client app enables video, chat and copying the invitation link to another tab or another browser the “users” can see each other and interact with each other, but running the server on a container doesn’t work the same way. Another thing is that iceState stays at “new” and never moves to “completed” as it does when the server is running as a standalone app loacally.

Have you read the documentation?

Thanks for your response @ibc and apologies for my delay. I did read but I was not able to map that to my problem, very sorry. I was also experimenting deploying that on my local kubernetes environment but got the same issue.

You have to route the UDP/TCP ports you open in mediasoup from the public ip to the private ip of the mediasoup server.