Adding "Who uses mediasoup" section

Hi, just considering about adding a “Who uses mediasoup” section in the website.

Let me know your opinion, please. Also, if something is missing just write a comment.

Nah, aborting. Companies do not want to disclosure it.

At we are proud consumers of medaisoup.


Replying from my verified email - I think I was signed up (and donated) from my personal account. I’m currently working on a blog post that demonstrates some of our appreciation for mediasoup, and how the API is layered.

No sweat if you abandon this, I just want you to know that your work is appreciated, and we are supporters and that we say it out loud. Team.Video is a proud consumer of mediasoup.


Amazing, thanks a lot. I’ll revive the section in the future. BTW waiting for that blog post :slight_smile:

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That’s what my weekend is for, hahaha. Really. One of the most solid open source projects I’ve had the pleasure of consuming and reading. You all are on point.


Share it here when done, please :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the words Doug :slight_smile:

It’s turning into a bit of a “building a mediasoup application from first principles” tutorial, which I think could be a nice place to point folks who do copy-paste errors of the various demos and examples, but is going to take me a bit more time. I hope to have something to review by next weekend.

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That would be super useful. Take your time :slight_smile:

Such a list would be super helpful. We’re currently looking into different WebRTC solutions (OSS or commercial) and understanding how widespread one solution is obviously helps deciding.
Also it would be really helpful to understand how you can afford the development as there is no obvious business model behind it, a way to pay for support, custom development or similar.

As I explained above, I won’t make such a list public because I’m aware of many companies using mediasoup into their comercial products but they don’t want to disclosure it. So such a list would be much smaller than the reality and may generate the opposite effect.

I would definitely push for my company to disclose it once the app goes fully public. If some do that others might follow.

You guys thinking having a business model around mediasoup? like payed support, …

Thanks, feel free to announce it here once done.

We have done that many times, but currently we are too busy in a full-time project. I’m open to promote other companies giving support for mediasoup if they wish.