AES_256 on Mediasoup-client-android


I’m trying to use the android client version for mediasoup (see git here GitHub - haiyangwu/mediasoup-client-android: mediasoup android client side library

The goal is to use aes-256 for communication between android device and node.js server. I successfully did so with a web client, but can’t quite figure out how to do the same on android.

I tried to change multiple files in the source code of the library but nothing seems to do the trick, it always falls down to SRTP_AES128_CM_SHA1_80 which I don’t want to use.

Is there anyone who has experience with the android client who can point out where that encryption is enabled? Even just point out which part of the project is supposed to negotiate the cipher with aes-256, I’m not really sure if I’m looking at the right place to be honest.


You should try to recompile the webrtc lib dependency (mediasoup-client-android/ at dev · haiyangwu/mediasoup-client-android · GitHub) and modify the peer_connection_interface.h to comment the line CryptoOptions crypto_options = CryptoOptions::NoGcm();

But try it because I have not tested.


I successfuly compiled the webRTC library with some changes peer connection interface, but it doesn’t seem to work or affect anything.

Is there a way to see any logs coming from the WebRTC library? I added this :
to confirm my changes worked but I can’t see it while monitoring my device.

I can see logs coming from the Java part of the webRTC lib but nothing from the c++ part of WebRTC lib, which would greatly help debug the whole thing and see if my crypto changes took effect.