Android mediasoup DEMO a question?

Dear !

sorry to bother u again! really love mediasoup

When I use the Android demo connected to the mediasoup server, I wonder that whether I can the video pixel or not ,how can i push the 1080P ,720P or 640P by myself?

Thank you all!!!

If you look at mediasoup-demo’s code in RoomClient.js, you can find the related code there. Look inside enableWebcam function there’s a place where it gets video stream by calling getUserMedia. Doing something like this will make it 720p:

const stream = await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(
						video :
							height: { ideal: 720 }

sorry to bother u again!

My question is how can i push the 1080P video stream with android demo app?

I’m sorry. I thought you are referring to mediasoup-demo app. I’ve not worked with any android application for mediasoup.