A question about desktop capture quality / framerate

Hi. First of all, thanks for this project. I look forward to getting into it.

I was trying out your mediasoup demo site and tried screen sharing to a friend some gameplay. I’m currently looking to build a webapp where you can livestream your gameplay in a room of (1-5)-N people. And, when testing your demo, the viewers framerate dropped. What I’m wondering before I get into mediasoup is, is that just a manual limitation you added to your demo, if not, would it be possible to do solid 1080p30fps / 720p60fps desktop capture without viewers lagging. Or is this just a WebRTC limitation?

I apologize for asking this here but I am very new to webrtc and only a self-taught web developer since 2017. Thanks.

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The sharing settings are defined in app/lib/RoomClient.js in enableSharer() method. Whether the browser honors the given frame rate or not is up to the browser WebRTC implementation. mediasoup does not constrain it in any way.