Any way to make the video size bigger when the screen is shared and make all the other video smalled

There is no way to identify if the screen share is invoked the kind of media for both video share and screen share is “video” so how do i manipulate my UI. I basically want to make other videos small for everyone when someone share the screen. RIghtnow when the screen is shared the video size of screen share is small and i dont want to add a button on the video to make it fullscreen. Like zoom and google meet if you notice when the participants share the screen the other videos gets smaller in size and the share screen video gets bigger and in the center. Will much appreciate if someone helps in that.

“There is no way”. Well, of course there is. Read the docs. But just a secret: yes, screensharing is just a video.

I dont mind reading the docs but i have to submit this application in few days and i really need to add this feature so ill really appreciate if you help me find it.

Look for appData in the API docs

Thanks so much bro. Problem solved. Very great library

This is not mediasoup related at all, think you’re possibly confused. That feature where the camera’s get smaller and the screens or featured cameras get bigger is strictly client based script/html work.

Generally two elements exist that hold your video elements, called regular-video and featured video.
When you have a featured video load in it goes to the featured-video element where it’s then resized and makes the regular-video element (and its contents) smaller.

This I don’t believe overly shows up in any of the demos nor is it a simple teach/tutorial. One thing I can suggest is just seeing what code resizes the videos on those sites when a window.resize event is called.

Good luck.