Are DataConsumers Consumers themselves?

The rule of hand is that a worker can have up to about 500 consumer. Does DataConsumers (aka DataChannels) count up to this limit? In theory they shouldn’t affect too much, since they just listen for incoming messages when they are send, but being called *Consumer", I’m not sure if it’s just a naming issue or if they have some relevance on the limit in the number of Consumers a Worker can have…

The affect based on the data traffic they handle. That’s all. BTW the “500 limit” is not written in a stone.

I know the 500 limit is orientative (I have pending to publish in my blog updated numbers), but it’s a good tongue-in-check aproach for reference :slight_smile:

I thought limit was on CPU side, not bandwidth… I’m planning to use de DataConsumers for in-band signaling, so bandwidth will be almost zero in this use case :slight_smile:

Sure. What I meant is that the more DataChannel traffic the more CPU usage for DataChannel. I don’t have numbers anyway.

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Make sense. Ok, then it seems in my use case this will be negligible. Thank you :slight_smile: