Number of producers and consumers

Will the number of consumers and producers in one router affect the performance of the audio or video. Assume you have 70 users in a router each has two producers (audio / video) and 140 consumer.

Yes it will.
No I cannot give magic numbers.

You mean that there is a limitation in the number? How can we manage it?

Yes. For example, you cannot create 8 million Consumers into a Worker.

No for sure. Can you give a an approximate capacity for the worker? I have an webinar application that allow a teacher to send audio, video and share screen, and students that may exceed 60 person that can produce audio and video. Some users complained that there is a problem in audio quality produced by teacher when the number of students increase. I don’t know if it is a mediasoup issue or something else, knowing that the number of routers in a worker may not exceed 10

Sorry, I cannot give numbers since those depend on many factors. There are a few ones in the Scalability section of the documentation. Anyway you have tools to debug things (some of them included in mediasoup).

A single router can handle over 500 transports so that if there is one host with 1 audio and 1 video then number of consumers will be approximate 250 approximate . so if you want to scale you app then use router.pipeToRouter().