AWS EC2 pricing per user media streaming metric

Hi guys,

I am trying to understand how much my AWS cost will be, just for the EC2 server running the nodejs mediasoup project.

I would like to figure out an approximate/estimate and say for 1 user producing audio/video it will cost per minute X cents and for consuming audio/video from 1 user the cost per minute is Y then I can estimate based on scenarios how much I’d get charged - disclaimer, this might be the wrong approach and open to suggestions.
(I understand with AWS everything is relevant - well, kind of)

Anyone operating on EC2 in AWS and can provide some hints and tips to get some numbers in my head?

You will be paying for the running time of the server as well as any outbound data i.e. server to client, server to server, etc. As the cost of running the server is fixed, unless you are using burstable instances and exceeding your CPU credits, the cost of outbound data transfer will vary and can get very large depending on your use case.

The outbound data transfer depends on the bitrate of each stream being consumed and how many endpoints consuming each stream at any given time – it isn’t just based on time alone.

For instance, if a stream has a bitrate of 1.5Mb/s and there are 5 consumers for that stream then theoretically the server is transferring 1.5 * 5 = 7.5Mb/s of data out. If this bitrate is honoured consistently for each consumer for an 1 hour then you’ll have a total of 7.5 * 60 * 60 = 27000Mb of outbound data which comes to 3.375GB as AWS charges you per GB.

Thank you for the helpful answer!

It seems that AWS charges $2 / TB (based on a devops), do you have a link where I can see the outbound data transfer AWS charges?

The data transfer cost is part of the pricing for EC2. You can get a better understanding by reading this Medium post. The pricing varies depending on the region your servers are in and if there is any data transferred between availability zones.

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@atomic-tang I am trying to understand how you got to 3.375GB when 27000MB is 27GB;

Mb = megabit
GB = gigabyte

1 GB = 8000Mb

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