bad link in documentation

Just starting with mediasoup for me, so be gentle with the newbie :slight_smile:

I noticed in the documentation a possible bad link to the protoo library web site. It ends up on a suspicious site willing to install a chrome extension.

See on this page
the third bullet about protoo. protoojs .org is not a good domain anymore it appears. I purposely don’t add a hyperlink here in case.

protoo is a JavaScript library for both, client and server sides, that provides an easy way for clients to connect via WebSocket to a shared room. The API offers request/response transactions and notifications in both directions.

MediaSoup should have nothing to do with signalling. Those guides/etc are just references and too may need updating but it shouldn’t reflect overly on the soup library.

(Signalling should be up to you and so it’s safe if this is outdated or not working, the soup library is still saucing).

I get that. Not sure where I gave the impression I was talking about even the signaling or mediasoup scope/responsibilities.

Just reporting a link in the mediasoup documentation that forwards people to a possibly harmful site. Not sure who’s in charge of the documentation web site.
There is no forum section related to the documentation I believe, nor a way to propose changes that I know of either. Is there a pointer to that somewhere that I missed?

I picked the libraries section a bit randomly, it was maybe the less related to mediasoup core, without being completely unrelated like miscellanous/random section. Maybe it was a bad choice. My own OCD got triggered.

Feel free to ignore my reporting.

Oh you’re good! Sorry about that, just meant with media-soup there’s no defined signalling standard it’s up to the developer.

I don’t think this report will go unseen, bad link is a bad link.


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Good catch! The source for the website is up on github, and the mediasoup team is pretty good about merging PRs: GitHub - versatica/mediasoup-website: Website of mediasoup

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thanks! I’ll report it there.