Get link/stream quality from mediasoup native

How app can know that link quality is not good?
Any way to monitor quality of the stream?

Just read the documentation.

@ibc, thank you, you helped a lot us in the past, we have production system near 1 year :wink: 4 kinds of endpoints linux, pwa, android and ios :wink:
60+ streams concurrent always :wink: but we unable to find this issue :wink:
please point us to right call🙏

You can either check stats or add handler to score notifications. But really, consider reading the docs first, maintainers spent A LOT of time writing them exactly for users like me and you.


I fail to see why I have to help you by free just because you have a system with different endpoints. Sorry. We wrote full documentation for something.

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Nazar, дуже тобі дякую!